Young resident helps out in a big way

By Melanie Williamson

Riley Krichbaum has learned at the young age of four that even the youngest members of the community can make a big difference in the world. Leading up to the Woollybear Festival, Riley asked her mom, Katie Krichbaum if she could make and sell shell necklaces during the festival. Her mom asked her if she wanted to sell them and put the money in her piggy bank to save up for something, but Riley responded that she wanted to use it to help people.

After talking about the hurricane and flooding in Texas, Riley decided she wanted to sell necklaces to donate money to the Foursquare Disaster Relief Fund, which distributes money to be used for disaster relief in the United States and other parts of the world.

Riley worked hard to decorate shells with paint and glitter, and then strung them on necklaces and bracelets after her mom helped by drilling holes in the shells. They were able to make over 70 necklaces and bracelets decorated with shells and beads to sell on Woollybear Sunday. She asked for a donation of $3 for each piece.

Visitors were so moved by Riley’s effort, enthusiasm, and desire to help others that she sold all of the jewelry she made and was able to collect $343.50 in donations, which she proudly donated to be used to help the people impacted by the floods in Texas.


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