VHS maintains drug free record

On Wednesday, September 13, the VPD K-9 Unit and six assisting K-9 Units from the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office conducted a K-9 Narcotics Sweep at the Vermilion High School.

We are very proud of our students at VHS because once again no illegal narcotics were located in any lockers, bags or vehicles. This is a great example of our students making good choices. This also indicates the positive results of the Vermilion school staff and the administrations dedication to keeping Vermilion schools safe and drug free zones. The Vermilion Police Department will continue to work closely with the schools to maintain these goals.

Following the drug sweep, Vermilion High School Principal Lisa Deliz stated, “We value the partnership with the Vermilion Police Department and other local agencies that help us conduct the drug sweeps. We do the sweeps randomly and regularly enough that it keeps the school environment drug-free.  Our students know that school is a place for learning and we applaud them for making good decisions.”


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