Charting the Course

By Mayor Eileen Bulan

We do get asked a lot of questions about Vermilion so I thought I would try and answer some of these today.

How come there are so many water line breaks?

Vermilion’s water lines are very old which makes them susceptible to breaks.  Recently, we have had major breaks because contractors are in our city for construction projects.   Presently, we are installing new traffic lights on Liberty Avenue and replacing the water line on North Main Street.  Our contractors do their best to avoid hitting the lines but it has happened.  Extreme heat and extreme cold also causes water lines to break.  This has caused our boil alerts and frustration with our residents and businesses.  Please be patient while we continue to work on these projects.


Do salesmen have to have a permit in the City of Vermilion to go door to door?

Yes they do.  If you are going door to door, you must apply for a solicitor’s permit at the Mayor’s office. The City has to run a background check on the individual before they can solicit door to door.  If someone comes to your door and you are unsure, please call the Police Department to verify that they have permission to solicit door to door.


What week is bulk pick-up for garbage in Vermilion?

Bulk pick-up is the first full work week of the month (beginning on Monday).  It is picked up on Wednesday except for a week that there is a holiday on Monday or Tuesday.  Then it is picked up one day later.


The beach is so busy this summer. Does anyone monitor the water in Lake Erie?

Yes, the Erie County Health Department checks the water daily during the week from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  They then post its condition on their website.  There is also a sign at each beach stating what each beach is ranked.


I don’t have a cell phone.  How do I get notices from the City if there is an emergency?

The City of Vermilion has partnered with Lorain County Emergency Management to be part of their emergency message system.  It covers the entire City of Vermilion, Lorain or Erie County.  You can sign up your landline and your cell phone line.  Just visit the Lorain County Emergency Management website at  Scroll down to the box that says “click here to sign up for emergency alerts”. You can also sign up under this link: and it will bring you to the site.  If you have trouble signing up please do not hesitate to contact our office at 440-204-2402 and we will be glad to help you.  If you need to register your land line, call: 440-329-5117 and they will assist you with notifications for emergency alerts.


If you do have a cell phone, you can sign up for text alerts at:  Text to: 36000 and then message: VTOWN. 

I know that we have mentioned this before, but citizens continually ask about this emergency text alert system.  Please share this information with your friends and neighbors and encourage them to sign up for this service.

If you have any questions about the city, please call us at 440-204-2402 and we will be glad to help you.

Mayor Eileen Bulan is writing a column on city news and events to share with Vermilion Photojournal readers. The mayor will report to the community on a bi-monthly basis.


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