Township trustees respond to questions regarding emergency services

The Vermilion Township Board of Trustees met for a regular meeting on Wednesday, August 2. The following are from the unapproved minutes of that meeting.

Question regarding emergency assistance: From the audience, resident, Judy Morehouse, asked if the tax payers pay for the ambulance and fire service in the township.  The Board answered yes, the funds come from the fire levy.  Ms. Morehouse asked how it is determined which facility a patient is transported to.  Chief Triana explained that Vermilion Township Fire is not the primary caregiver, North Central EMS is.  The fire department runs back-up

to North Central to assist them on scene or when a squad is detained or unavailable for a few minutes.  The department will assist North Central EMS by starting patient care.  The determination of where a squad takes a patient depends on a variety of things.

The Chief stated he was not 100 percent sure on their exact protocol, but felt it was based on patient’s condition, what’s going on, what they are seeing or what the patient or family is expressing.  The closest facility is Mercy Hospital.  Ms. Morehouse voiced her concern about wanting her husband to be transported where his records were located at Firelands Hospital in Sandusky.  The Chief explained that it was a common request to be transported elsewhere, but patients are usually transported to Mercy Hospital first and after they see a physician, the patient can request to be transported elsewhere.

Ms. Morehouse stated she was very upset during the occurrence, but wanted to compliment the professional care and understanding they received from the department’s personnel.  The Chief explained that he could not speak for North Central EMS, but the Vermilion Township Fire Department does not transport patients.  Ms. Morehouse asked why the department does not transport.  The Chief stated for the department to transport, more equipment would be needed, as well as, more personnel and they would have to be paid.  The Vermilion Township firefighters are all volunteers.  She replied that would fully be expected since the medics are performing lifesaving care and explained how grateful she was when the department saved her life in the past.  Mr. Kurtz clarified North Central EMS is a private company that the township pays for transporting, therefore, the township has no control over their policies.

Building and zoning updates: Building official and zoning administrator Robert Kurtz reported for August the Zoning Department issued 5 zoning permits ($201.25) and 2 address signs ($30.00) with a total fee collection of $231.25; the Building Department issued 23 permits with a total fee collection of $2,595.00 and total valuation of work being done at $154,596.50.

Vermilion Township Fire Department update: Fire chief Frank Triana reported that between July 19 and July 31, they were called on 22 EMS assists, one report of wires down, four motor vehicle accidents, one boater in distress, and one curtain fire.

The chief received paperwork from Finley Fire for truck maintenance and inspections for three of the four truck checks.  The chief requested the fourth truck paperwork be sent to his attention.  The only issues presented were two bulbs out on 831 compartments, a radiator cap on 842, and an oil drain plug on 821.

Waterway Incorporated was at the station on Friday, July 28, for hose testing.  Roughly 11, 550 feet of hose was tested.  Three sections of 5-inch hose, three sections of 3-inch hose and one section of 1 ¾ inch hose have been removed from service due to failure or age.

Breathing Air Systems was in Monday, July 31, 2017 for semi-annual maintenance check of the system.  Technician stated there were no major issues, but did replace two filters.

Internet service: A motion was presented and accepted authorizing to enter into an agreement with Spectrum Enterprise to add internet service (Spectrum Business Internet Plus) to the Township Garage account located at 11607 Stanley Road, Vermilion and retain current phone service (Spectrum Business Voice).  The new internet monthly charge will be $64.98 and the current phone service charge will be $39.99 for a total cost of $104.97 (Prices do not include taxes, surcharges, and/or fees).

Fall clean-up date: A motion was presented and approved declaring the second Saturday in September (Saturday, September 9th) as the Annual 2017 Fall Clean-Up at the Vermilion Township Garage located at 11607 Stanley Road, Vermilion from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  This event is for Vermilion Township residents only.


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