Brownhelm Zoning Commission hears multiple sides regarding firing range   

At the Thursday, August 10, Brownhelm Zoning Commission meeting, there was a lengthy discussion about the Zero9 Solutions facility on Cooper Foster Park Road.  Assistant Prosecutor Jerry Innes explained the independence of the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) and how the process goes from application through hearing and resolution.

He explained the ZBA was the judicial branch of township government.  The Trustees have no control over the ZBA and its decisions.  Assistant Prosecutor Tom Mangan was also present.  The range has been brought up by residents as an issue of contention for several months at the Brownhelm Township Board of Trustees meetings.

According to meeting minutes, there were approximately 50 people in the audience, about 10 were from the shooting facility and the remainders were township residents.  The owners of the facility spoke about their intentions to continue working on plans to curtail the noise.  Residents voiced their frustrations with continued shooting and noise.  Innes told the residents that complaints should be made to the ODNR Wildlife Division that has control over the operation of a shooting range.

According to their website, Zero9 Solutions is comprised of current law enforcement and business leaders to provide training solutions for law enforcement, military, and responsibly armed civilians. They also work with these individuals and departments on custom gear and equipment including holsters, K9 equipment, portable radios, and more.

The range in question is located at 49300 Cooper Foster Park Rd. and is home to the Northern Ohio Tactical Training Center (NOTTC). According to their website, they offer a range of classrooms and ranges includes “four firing ranges and a 150-foot by 150-foot dynamic training range complete with two indoor classrooms designed to allow for “real life” training in connection with classroom instruction.”

They also have a 250-yard precision rifle range, a 100-meter rifle range, a 50-meter pistol range, and a 25-meter pistol range. They offer training to multiple area law enforcement agencies.


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