Trustees support fire levy replacement, new township garage building

The July 19 meeting of the Vermilion Township Board of Trustees was called to order at 8:00 a.m. by chairman Christopher R. Decker. Also present were trustees Charles T. Trinter and Ronald L. Dickel along with Brenda J. Zsebik, fiscal officer; Robert Kurtz, building official/zoning administrator and Tina L. Karres, township secretary. Absent: Frank R. Triana, Vermilion Township fire chief.


Highlights of the meeting were moving plans forward for a new township garage building, purchasing new fire department portable radios, and submitting a replacement fire levy to the voters in November. The following are briefs of the meeting:


Road Department update: Steve Young, road foreman, discussed and handed out quotes (including discount) on the proposed backhoe and valuation of the township’s current machine. The board tabled this for further review.


Young also brought up the topic of “Hidden Drive” signs for discussion. Bob Kurtz, administrator, explained that ODOT and Erie County do not recommend these signs. They are not in the Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices listed as an authorized sign, due to the feeling that it gives people a false sense of security. Young asked the board to consider whether they would like the signs removed. The guard rail on Ashmont Road has been repaired and the culvert is in need of replacement. A complaint was received regarding the ditch behind a resident’s house on Chardonnay Circle. Young requested a list of which ditches are on the county’s maintenance schedule. Tile was installed on Coen Road. Finished repair on Stanley Road. Refrigerator will be replaced. Tom Lalonde, road crew, explained why internet is needed to run various programs for the Road Department and asked the board to consider obtaining internet for the department. Kurtz will follow-up to obtain costs for internet installation at the Township Garage for the Road Dept.


Building official/zoning administrator’s update: Administrator Kurtz announced the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) Salt Contract was awarded for the upcoming 2017-2018 winter season to Cargill Inc. at a cost of $36.59 per ton which is a savings of approximately $1.33 per ton from last year’s cost.
Kurtz informed the board the street light at Wine Street was installed on July 6.


Kurtz reported on an incident that occurred at the Township Garage while removing the fence from the recycle center. The backhoe bumped the electric pole that was located in the middle of the parking lot causing it to snap in two. Ohio Edison stated it was an old pole that looked to have been bumped prior to the incident. They replaced the pole at an approximate cost of $1,300.


Vermilion Township Fire Department report: Chief F. Triana’s report was read by assistant fire chief Kurtz: Fire runs between 7/1/17 – 7/18/17. EMS Assist – 16; General Alarm – 1; Open Burn – 3; Structure Fire – 1; Public Service – 2; MVC – 2; YTD: 249 Runs.


The fire chief has been considering upgrading the department’s portable radios by testing the Kenwood brand versus their present Motorola brand radios. The reasons behind the upgrade are to move the department from analogue to digital which provides for a clearer transmit and receive; the ability to have more frequencies added to the radio; and the capability of going to P25 which is a designated private channel that would be owned and licensed to VTFD. P25 is capable of a two-mile range as this is without the repeater. The communications are crystal clear. The chief would like to purchase 5 this year and phase out the Motorola’s as they fall into disrepair. The cost of the P25 license is $402.50 and is a one-time cost. The cost of a Kenwood NX 5300 is $864.64 each. The total cost for five (5) radios and the P25 license would be $4,725.70 through VASU Communications. The chief asked the Board of Trustees to consider the purchase from the fire budget.


MOTION BY: R. Dickel, second by C. Trinter authorizing the purchase of five (5) Kenwood NX 5300 radios at a cost of $864.64 each and the P25 license at a one-time cost of $402.50 for a total cost of $4,725.70 through VASU Communications. Roll Call – C. Trinter, yes; C. Decker, yes; R. Dickel, yes; Motion Carried.


Old Business/fire levy/new garage: Motion by C. Trinter, second by R. Dickel to proceed and to submit to the electors of Vermilion Township of Erie County, Ohio, the question of the replacement of two existing levies of one (1) mill each, by a replacement levy at the rate of one and 65/100’s (1.65) mills, in excess of the ten (10) mill limitation, for the purposes of providing and maintaining fire apparatus, appliances, buildings or sites therefore, or sources of water supply and materials therefore, of the establishment and maintenance of lines for fire alarm, telegraph, or the payment of firefighting companies or permanent, part-time, or volunteer firefighting, emergency medical service, administrative, or communications personnel to operate the same, including the payment of any employer contributions required for such personnel under section 145.48 or 742.34 of the revised code, or the purchase of ambulance equipment, or the provision of ambulance, paramedic or other emergency medical services operated by a fire department or firefighting company, as provided in Ohio R.C. 5705.19(I). Roll Call – C. Trinter, yes; C. Decker, no; R. Dickel, yes; Motion carried.


Kurtz brought up for discussion building Plan A (stand alone building) and Plan B (joined building) in reference to the new Township Garage Building. The Road Department recommended Plan B, the joined building, since it would provide the Road Department with an extra bay and the price is cheaper based on the architect’s estimates. The total cost for Plan B, a wood constructed building would be $298,650 and for a steel constructed building the cost would be $368,650 based on the architect’s estimates not actual costs until the bids come in. The fire department would be getting two bays which calculates to thirty- three percent of the building. This allows for a certain percentage of funds to be taken out of the fire budget, as well as the general fund. Kurtz stated the next step to move forward would be to authorize the architect to proceed with the construction drawings for the preferred plan.


Motion by C. Decker, second by C. Trinter authorizing the architect to proceed with the construction drawings (blueprints) for Floor Plan B, steel construction. Roll Call – C. Trinter, yes; C. Decker, yes; R. Dickel, yes; Motion Carried.


New Business/Demuth appointment: Mrs. Karres, township secretary, read a letter dated July 7, 2017 from Laraine Bailey, Vermilion Township Zoning Commission secretary recommending the term of Ms. Dawn Demuth to the Vermilion Township Zoning Commission be renewed for a term of five years to expire July 31, 2022.


Motion by C. Trinter, second by R. Dickel authorizing the appointment of Ms. Dawn Demuth to the Vermilion Township Zoning Commission for a five-year term to expire July 31, 2022. The term will commence on August 1, 2017. Roll Call – C. Trinter, yes; C. Decker, yes; R. Dickel, yes; Motion Carried.
Motion by R. Dickel, second by C. Decker authorizing Vermilion Township to participate in the State of Ohio Cooperative Purchasing Program from September 1, 2017 through September 1, 2018 at a membership fee of $100. Roll Call – C. Trinter, yes; C. Decker, yes; R. Dickel, yes; Motion Carried.


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