Brownhelm Trustees provide updates on several ongoing projects

            Zoning updates: Zoning inspector John Schmalz is still trying to find the owner of some unkempt property on Portman Rd and there is similar home on Vermilion Rd about ¼ mile south of North Ridge.

            Labor and project updates: Scott Schmalz, Labor Superintendent, reported that the 2017 Tar & Chip has been completed.  The Baumhart Rd/Middle Ridge intersection project has been delayed.  It has been determined by the State and County that the whole intersection will be blocked for at least 60 days and the project will resume August 21.

Concerning the new dump truck, it is still at Rush Truck and they are waiting on a new wiring harness.  Schmalz is still working on getting an estimate for siding the township garage; Trustee Leimbach gave him another contractor to contact.  Schmalz is also getting estimates for a new pickup truck.

The sign grant from ODOT has been approved for $6,848.44.   There will be a swap in grave spaces from plot 428 grave #2 to plot 415 grave #4, so that the grave stone will match the burials.

Trustee Northeim asked about the tile at the south end of Claus Rd; waiting for the County to come out with their jet truck to clear the tile.  Trustee Nieding requested that the brush on the LakeFront Park cliff be trimmed; will check into this.

Fiscal officer Marsha Funk reported that the OPWC paperwork for the Jerusalem Road project from Sunnyside to Claus Rd has been complete.  Schmalz will take this grant request to the Engineer’s office.

Trustee Northeim spoke with the engineer’s office about the SWAC grant for the Baumhart Rd drainage Phase 1.  This grant was denied in 2016, but can be resubmitted in 2017.  The Engineer said that there should be more documentation showing the extent of any property damage.  Leimbach made a motion to submit the Baumhart Rd drainage phase 1 to the SWAC grant process.  The motion was accepted.

Nieding made a motion to submit a SWAC grant request for a cement trough along the Gore Orphanage Hill.  Scott Schmalz will contact the Engineer’s office about this request. The motion was voted on and approved.

A motion was made and accepted authorizing the Lorain County Engineer’s office to stripe West River Road, Rice Road, and Cooper Foster Park Road at a cost of $837.26.

             Brownhelm Historical Association: Marilyn Brill, BHA, reported that the Brownhelm Bicentennial Celebration will be held Sunday, September 17 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Township Park, 1940 North Ridge Rd.

Fund transfers: Leimbach made a motion to authorize the fiscal officer to transfer $20,000 from the General Fund to the Equipment Reserve Fund and to transfer $5,000 from the General Fund to the Park Fund.  These transfers had already been planned at the beginning of 2017.  The motion was approved.


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