School Zone

Dear community of Vermilion,

thank you for your continued support in the Vermilion Local School District. We are pleased to inform you that the School District has taken additional measures to maintain prevention of fraud in the School District by using the web-based application(s) powered by Bonefish Systems called the Electronic Payroll Audit System (ePAS). The School District has been using the Electronic Vendor Audit System (eVAS) for several years and decided to expand utilization of the software.

Among the many features this software provides to the CFO/Treasurer’s office, from a community perspective it identifies awareness and alerts to support the prevention of fraudulent activities related to vendor payments and/or payroll monitoring. As a community you deserve to feel safe about the funds that are distributed. The eVAS/ePAS software makes sure no fraudulent behavior is being overlooked. Utilizing eVAS/ePAS will benefit everyone in the School District from staff to the community. This is just one of many controls we have implemented to ensure internal and external confidence in management of public funds.

In addition to the software monitoring fraudulent activities, this is a reminder that every private citizen can provide fraud-related tips and complaints to the Ohio Auditor of State’s hotline at 1-866-Fraud-OH (1-866-372-8364) or their website

Suzanne Wilson



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