Township Trustees choose single fire levy to replace existing two levies

The Vermilion Township Board of Trustees met on Wednesday, July 5, for a regular meeting.

Building and zoning updates: Building official and zoning administrator, Robert Kurtz, reported for June the Zoning Department issued seven zoning permits and one address sign with a total fee collection of $762.76; the Building Department issued 16 permits with a total fee collection of $3,725.00 and total valuation of work being done at $438,760.00.

Fire department update: According to Chief Frank Triana between June 21 and June 30, they responded to seven EMS assists, one public assist, one vehicle fire, one gas leak, and two general alarms. The fire department participated in the fourth of July parade at Volunteer Bay, and the rescheduled Memorial Day event.

Chief Triana discussed purchasing five digital radios through VASU Communication which have a much clearer transmission and receipt of radio traffic.  One of the advantages is the P25 channel, which limits traffic to specific users creating more effective and secure communication.  The cost of the radio is $577.50 each; however, a license key for the P25 would be an additional $402.50.

The Chief proposes only putting the P25 in these five new digital radios intended for the Officers.  The Chief wants to assure the department is being cost effective and has the best technology moving forward.

New township garage: Mr. Kurtz handed out information and plans from Mr. Dan Frederick, Architect, regarding the new township garage building.  He discussed and reviewed the two design layouts that were submitted by Mr. Frederick and the cost estimates.  The construction costs for Plan A wood construction would be $238,000.00 and steel construction would be $310,000.00.  An additional site cost allowance of $70,000.00 would also be included for things like concrete pads, relocating utilities, demo and so forth.

The next step would be to decide which design to choose and whether the Board would like to select wood or steel construction.  The actual blueprints will then be completed.  Mr. Kurtz asked the Board to review all information so it can be discussed at the next regular meeting.

Medical marijuana: Mr. Kurtz, Administrator informed the Board that in November 2016 the Board passed a resolution authorizing to put a twelve (12) month ban on medical marijuana for the sale, cultivation process, and dispensaries in the township.  Mr. Kurtz stated the township has four months to review this issue and decide if they want to allow this or prohibit it all together.  Rules will need to be developed and locations where it would be permitted if the Board chooses to allow it.  If the Board decides to prohibit it all together, a sample resolution was prepared by Erie Regional Planning Commission in conjunction with the Erie County Prosecutor for townships to use.

Fire department levy: Mr. Kurtz asked for a motion declaring necessity to levy a tax for the fire department and certifying to the county auditor.  There are two fire levies coming due this year (3 year and 5 year), both are 1 mill, a total of 2 mills.

Mr. Kurtz recommended a replacement continuing levy at 1.65 mills.  Mr. Kurtz stated that 1.65 mills sounds like less revenue, but is approximately the same revenue that the two levies generate.  He explained combining the levies would be a way to clean up the two and put them into one levy.

The trustees presented and passed a motion declaring necessity to levy a tax in excess of the ten (10) mill limit for the purposes of the necessary requirements of the Vermilion Township Fire Department and requesting the Erie County Auditor to certify to the Vermilion Township Board of Trustees of Erie County, Ohio, on the form provided and in accordance with Ohio R.C. 5705.03, the amount of tax generated by the proposed tax in the amount of one and 65/100’s (1.65) mills, a tax in excess of the ten (10) mill limit, said tax to replace two existing one (1) mill levies for the same purpose.

Motions passed: The trustees passed a motion authorizing payment regarding the Erie County Emergency Management Agency and HAZ MAT Team Participation Fee combined for 2017 at a cost of $1,582.40.  They also passed a motion accepting the proposal from Hylant Administrative Services for Insurance through the Ohio Plan from July 29, 2017 through July 29, 2018 at a premium cost of $17,809.00.


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