Charting the Course

By: Mayor Eileen Bulan

I thought I would write today about our Civil Service Commission.  You don’t hear much about them but they quietly volunteer their time and talent to the City of Vermilion.

The Vermilion Civil Service Commission was established by the Charter of the City of Vermilion.  It was voted on and passed by the electors on November 7, 1961 and became effective January 1, 1962.  The first meeting was February 22, 1962 and the original members of the Civil Service Commission were Lee Howley, Sr., Chairman, Willis Gebhardt, Secretary and James Baird.  Mayor Louis Rauh also attended the meetings.

Over the years, many citizens of Vermilion have served on this board.  Presently, Kenneth Lieux is our Chairman, and Charles Adams and Jim Estle are the members of this Board.  They are charged with administering written tests for classified positions in the City of Vermilion.  This includes our water, sewer and street departments and our Police Department. It also includes classified positions in our finance department, building department and utility department.

They also are in charge of the appeal process for any employee who may appeal an action taken by the Mayor in regard to transfer, reduction in staff, or removal from a position.  This appeal process takes a lot of work and time to prepare and they must be present at these hearings.  They also have to submit annual reports to the State Personnel Board of Review.

When we give tests for new hires, there is a notice placed in the Vermilion Photojournal as well as on the City’s website and facebook page.  We receive many inquiries about these tests so we try to let people know when a test will be given.  Entry level position tests are usually general knowledge questions.  There are books at the library that would help you prepare for this test.  After the test is given, you are notified of your raw score.  You are given a time period to challenge a question and a time period to review your raw score.  After the time period passes, the Civil Service Commission reviews the scores and adds the additional points for military service and college education.  Then the list is certified to the Mayor’s office and notices are sent to the applicants. We can then begin the interview process if there is an open position. This list can be used for a one year time and may be renewed for another year.  Every two years, the City is required to give a new test.

This is just a brief summary about the Civil Service Commission and what they do for our city.  If you see our Board, Kenneth Lieux, Charlie Adams or Jim Estle, please thank them for all they do for the City of Vermilion.


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