Brownhelm trustees discuss issues related to streets and stormwater


           Zoning inspector update: Zoning inspector John Schmalz submitted three permits consisting of two barns and a lean-to.  J Schmalz got a letter from Lorain County MetroParks that they are not subject to zoning and do not need a permit for the work that is being done at the soccer fields west of Mill Hollow.  Letters were sent to a Claus Rd resident about unlicensed vehicles, a Baumhart resident about commercial trailers, and a Gore Orphanage resident about commercial vehicles.  The Greystone resident that has an illegal barn in the front yard has been in contact with J Schmalz.

              Labor superintendent update: Labor superintendent Scott Schmalz reported that he is working with the City of Vermilion to help with a clogged tile at Mapleview and West River.  He has received a complaint from a Gifford Rd resident about water backing up and crossing the road; Trustees asked that he call when this is occurring.  The 2016 International has been at Rush Truck again; Prosecutor’s office was contacted and we will be forwarding to them documentation about the various repair times.  On Wednesday, April 26, Scott was called as the Fire Marshall by the City of Vermilion Fire Department.  There was a burning violation behind Edwards Tree Service.

                From the audience: a Cooper Foster Park resident asked about requesting ODOT plant trees around the Route 2/Baumhart Rd exit.  This may help with the noise from the gun range. Another resident asked about the scheduling for variance hearings, and was informed it is up to the zoning board of appeals and they have 30 days to schedule the hearing. Another resident asked about the Mapleview Ditch project, and was told the Lorain County Engineer’s office is working on determining who falls within the watershed and a petition process will ensue.

                Township hall improvements: Trustee Northeim had an estimate from Callihan Electric for $1940 to improve the outside lighting by the Township Hall.  The trustees voted to accept the estimate, but to make sure the lights were aimed as to not bother the neighbors.

Northeim had a drawing of a sign for over the township door from McQueen.  The estimate for the sign was $425, which the trustees voted to approve.




                Mapleview repairs: A motion was made and approved to compose a letter to the City of Vermilion for their acceptance of the Township proceeding with Lorain County Engineer’s specifications for the reconstruction of the final section of Mapleview Dr and culvert replacement through OPWC grant funding with a small portion being in the city limits. The trustees then approved a motion to put the Mapleview Reconstruction project out for bid.

              Salt contract: The trustees voted to approve the 2018 ODOT Salt Contract for 370 ton.             

              Truck repair issues: Leimbach made a motion, which was approved, to turn over the 2016 International Dump Truck repair issues to the Lorain County Prosecutor’s office.  The Prosecutor’s request will be to review the repairs & records & to proceed with any legal recourse.

             Portable basketball hoop: Trustee Nieding said that he spoke with the Prosecutor’s office and that a portable basketball hoop in a cul-de-sac could be a township liability.  Marsha Funk, Fiscal Officer, reported that the township is covered for such liability.

            Stormwater issues: Trustee Northeim reported on a catch basin on Claus Rd that is in the City.  The resident told Northeim that water is running over is property.  Northeim met with the City Service Director and the City cleared a catch basin in that area.  Northeim also told the City Service Director that there is an area on Cooper Foster Park Rd that is washing out the road and this needs to be corrected before the township has this are chip and sealed.

             Meeting changes: Northeim made a motion, which was approved, to change the July 3, meeting to July 10, and the September 4, meeting to September 5.  These will be advertised.


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