Voters choose Forthofer, Ostrander to face off for mayor in November

By Karen Cornelius

It was a very light turnout for the May 2 Primary in Vermilion on Tuesday with only one item on the ballot – choosing a mayoral candidate. According to the city charter if there are more than two candidates running for the position, there has to be a primary to narrow the field to two who will face off in November.

The top primary vote went to candidate Jim Forthofer with the second popular vote going to candidate Fred Ostrander. Both men presently sit on Vermilion City Council and have public service experience. Coming in third was Shawn Perry followed by Monica Stark. Unofficially, Forthofer received a total of 697 votes with 376 in Erie County and 321 in Lorain County. Ostrander received a total of 331 votes with 199 in Erie County and 132 in Lorain County. Perry received a total of 200 votes with 73 in Erie County and 127 in Lorain County. Stark received a total of 197 votes with 93 in Erie County and 104 in Lorain County. The total voter turnout was a low 1,425.

At the Photojournal Tuesday deadline, Forthofer thanked his campaign committee and fiance, Sue. “Everything we talked about was oriented by the people. My plans reflected that and voters responded to it tonight,” he said. “I was invested in getting the word out. I have a great deal of respect for the citizens, and they came through for us. He stated as far as the field of candidates, they all conducted themselves well, and Vermilion should be proud of them.

“I want to thank the voters again for the way they have treated me in past elections and now tonight,” said Ostrander. He stated that he spent barebones dollar for dollar, but his campaign spent it well. He said the candidates were four different people, but he was glad to be #2. “I’m happy with the way it worked out.”


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