Vermilion Township reviews road department updates; discuss emails


The following is from the unapproved minutes of  the Wednesday, April 18, Vermilion Township Board of Trustees regular meeting.

Road department update: Steve Young, Road Foreman reported the new lawn mower was picked up Monday, April 17, and runs very well. Additionally, the coupler part for the backhoe was received and upon installation it will be determined if pins are needed. On Frailey Road, at the double set of tracks (southwest side) where the railroad was working, the road crew shored up where the tile comes in; Mr. Kurtz will contact railroad to assure needed areas are cleaned out.

Scott from Brownhelm Township contacted road department regarding durapatcher, tar and chipping.  A tank will be shared between Brownhelm Township and Vermilion Township with 1,000 gallons a piece. The pick-up truck will be taken in for repair regarding a vibration noise. The boom mower is in need of front tires; prices will be obtained.

Wellington Implement Inc. recommendation was to sell the 2001 John Deere Lawn Tractor rather than trade-in.  Board agreed and passed a motion to sell to the highest offer.  Township will accept sealed offers until the next regular scheduled meeting, Wednesday, May 3.

Tom Lalonde, Road Crew informed the board that the new computer was set up, forms created and was working out great.  Finally, a tile inventory form was developed, for the county, which helps eliminate duplication of data entry by allowing the road crew to enter information while in the field.

Building official/zoning administrator update: Robert Kurtz reported that he is still waiting for quotes on the exterior lighting and a quote for the parking lot and sidewalk.  When quotes are received, they will be brought to the next regular board meeting for presentation.

Vermilion Township Fire Department updates: Chief Frank Triana reported that there was a total of 121 runs between April 1 and April 18. That included 17 EMS assists, one structure fire, one vehicle crash, and one controlled burn.

The chief upgraded with Firehouse Software and added the inspection module.  This has been installed and is up and running.  There will be a bit of entry work for the database; however, once this has been completed it will greatly enhance the program and increase productivity from the field back to the station. The Chief replaced three large accountability boards and eight of the small boards through Gold Star Awards in Elyria.  These are in service and on the trucks.  The old boards have been removed from service.

Discharging of firearms: Trustee Trinter discussed the email received from resident on Dean Road regarding discharging of firearms on private property and rural areas.  After consulting with Mr. Kurtz, Trustee Trinter responded back to the Dean Road resident.  Mr. Kurtz did inspect the situation and did not see any safety concerns, but ORC section 2923.162 goes over discharging a firearm.  If subject is on their own property and are not in an incorporated area, they are permitted to discharge a firearm.  The only condition would be if subject is consuming alcohol.

Erie County Economic Development Corporation correspondence: Trustee Trinter discussed the email received from Abbey Bemis, Executive Director, Erie County Economic Development Corporation concerning Vermilion Industrial Areas. Their office is preparing applications for a new program with the state’s economic development agency, JobsOhio (JO).  They work to identify ready to go industrial sites across the state.  Competitive sites will be marketed by our state for business attraction opportunities. Sites must be a minimum of 30 acres and zoned industrial.  Vermilion Township was identified as having some industrial areas designated along Coen Road and was asked if the township was aware of any interested sellers along this corridor.  Mr. Kurtz will follow-up with this project.

Recycling bins: Trustee Decker discussed the recycle bins and what the total expenses have been on the recycle bins (excluding clean-ups) since installation. Recommendation was to send letter with total expenses to Erie County Solid Waste and ask for some type of reimbursement.


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