Unreliable, shocking traffic signal at Douglas and Sailorway goes down

By Karen Cornelius

Service director Tony Valerius told city council meeting on Monday night, May 1, that the traffic light at Douglas and Sailorway will be removed at the end of the week. He said the meter has already been removed as the control panel was shocking people.

After several service calls and discussions, Valerius stated that it was determined to purchase a new push-button traffic light with an estimated cost of $110,000. He asked council for permission to go out to bid on a brand new system.

Council president Steve Herron said this could be a dangerous situation with the schools and students crossing. Service director Valerius said the chief of police knows about the situation and stop signs are posted. He said Sailorway is the through street. He said the light is not working at all, not even flashing. Parents and children should be extra careful at this intersection. He did not think there could be a replacement this school year.

Councilman Jim Forthofer asked if there were any grants the city could get for this expense. Mayor Eileen Bulan responded that the city engineer already contacted the Safe Routes to School Program, but there was no funding. She said they will keep looking. Councilman Brian Holmes stated that the police do watch that area and teachers and the school resource officer are always out there.

Councilman Fred Ostrander asked about trouble shooting the control panel. He said this is a lot of money just for a short in the system. Valerius answered that it is just not the switch but it’s the light itself which is old and has been revamped and re-wired. Council-at-large Monica Stark commented that the switch and the light weren’t working half the time. She agreed they have to get a new unit there.

Later in the meeting under new business, council passed a motion to have the administration go out to bid for a new traffic light system.


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