Gas station grant, tax review board, flushing hydrants, salt discussed

By Karen Cornelius

Mayor/safety director’s report/gas station: Vermilion City Council met on Monday night, May 1. There was no city correspondence, no old business, and no law director’s report. Councilwoman Barb Brady was excused.

Mayor Eileen Bulan gave an update on the Fulper property abandoned gas station grant. She said drilling is scheduled to install soil borings and groundwater monitoring wells this Thursday and Friday, May 4 and May 5. The boring locations are presently marked with stakes on the property at the corner of Liberty Avenue and Grand Street. The goal is to sample as close to the two areas of petroleum impact that were identified and delineate out from those points to identify the full area of impact. Following this procedure, a plan will be developed to remediate the petroleum impact on this site.

Mayor Bulan added that it has come to the city’s attention that in the Codified Ordinances, they are to have a Tax Review Board available when citizens are asking for a hearing in regard to the city income tax. She will be bringing three names to the next city council meeting for approval to this board.

The mayor then thanked the Vermilion Tree Commission for its Arbor Day program on Sunday, April 30. She said two trees were planted and a total of six new trees were planted at Romp’s Marina. This was the kickoff of the Bridge-to-Bridge Project. These new trees were purchased by Romp’s and with a donation by Main Street’s Vermilion in Bloom. She also thanked the Division of Wildlife for another successful trout stocking program with our school children. Special thanks went to the director of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Jim Zehringer, for attending this event for the first time. Lastly, she wished all the mayoral candidates good luck at the May 2 Primary and urged residents to vote.

Service director’s update/flushing hydrants: Service director Tony Valerius said they are flushing hydrants on the eastside of the Vermilion River. He said some homes and businesses could experience low water pressure and discoloring of the water. He advised to just run the water until it becomes clear.
He reported that the Dura-Patcher would be out every day this summer. He asked council to suspend the rules on the first reading of a resolution on the agenda to participate in the ODOT Winter Contract for Road Salt. He said there is a state deadline of May 10. Later, under the reading of the ordinances, council suspended the rules and adopted the resolution by emergency.

Finance director’s report/tax refunds: Finance director Brian Keller told council the 2016 audit was complete and there were no findings to report as yet. He said there was an ordinance on the agenda that night concerning municipal income tax “Requests for Refunds.” He would like to change the language and amend the original 2015 ordinance to say that interest will only be paid on overpayments of $100 or more. Later in the meeting, council gave the ordinance a first reading.

City engineer’s report/watermain replacements: City engineer Lynn Miggins distributed a priority list of watermain replacements for the next 25 years. She said this would be the first cut of a long list and should be discussed at the Finance Committee on May 8. She estimated costs at $500,000 to $1,000,000 per year for 25 years. This would just get the city started on what needs to be done.

Due to council approval, the city engineer announced the administration would be going out to advertise for bids on the Highbridge Road Bridge Replacement Project on May 11.

Open to the audience: State Street resident Dave Terken referred to council’s discussion on sound regulations and exemptions for schools and churches which he thought was a bad idea. He said noise is noisy and they should be careful. He said the high school speakers for football can be heard one-half mile away and parties are parties even at a church. He told them to make exemptions specific and to only fine those who go outside the rules, not make people pay for permits who abide by the rules.

Reading city ordinances: Council gave a third and final reading to an ordinance hiring KS Associates for design engineering for the Vermilion Road Rehabilitation Phase 1 Project at a cost of $93,835. This is a supplement to their minimum contractual services. The ordinance was adopted by emergency. Members gave a third and final reading to an ordinance for management services for the operation and maintenance of the city’s cemeteries. This was adopted by emergency. Another third reading was given to an ordinance to enter into a contract with Brownhelm Township for fire protection for one year starting July 1, 2017.

A second reading was given to an ordinance to approve current replacement pages to the Vermilion Codified Ordinances. A first reading was given to an ordinance amending various sections of the storm water regulations. A first reading was given to an ordinance to amend the chapter on “Storage of Junk Vehicles and Parts” and change the title to “Storage of Inoperable/Non-Compliant Vehicles.”

Council’s schedule: The next city council meeting will be Monday, May 15. There will be no meetings on May 22 and May 29. Council meets at the municipal complex on Decatur at 7p.m.


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