Vermilion students stand out as top performers in EHOVE programs


EHOVE Police Academy graduates

         As the school year begins to wind down, several Vermilion students have made their mark with their impressive accomplishments. Among those accomplishments are graduating from the EHOVE police academy with special recognition and landing a $500 cash prize in a construction bid contest.

Donn Timko of Vermilion has been named as a recent graduate of the police academy. Students in the program learn the skills they need to become certified as a basic Police Officer in the State of Ohio.  They learn about and utilize firearms, defensive tactics, driving techniques, traffic enforcement and more. Upon graduation, several awards are handing out including top academic award, top gun award, top physical fitness award, and top driving award. Timko proudly walked away with the top driving award.

Janotta & Herner is a key partner in helping EHOVE Construction Tech and Electrical Tech students learn the importance of planning, organizing and creating a budget for a construction project.  For the fourth consecutive year, the company conducted a competition where the students worked as teams to create a realistic bid for a building project.  Each team was challenged to include real detail about supplies, pricing and timeframe and much more, while also presenting the bid in a professional, quality manner.

Construction bid project winners

Representatives from the company judged the bids on everything from accuracy and how they were organized to proper pricing and realistic timelines.  As the need for qualified, trained workers in the trades increases, real-world projects such as these help students learn how to become good workers.

This year’s winning team consisted of Construction Tech students Luke Carper (St. Paul HS) and Wyatt Ingersoll (South Central HS), and Electrical Tech students Jacob Rodriguez (Vermilion HS) and Holden Ramos (Vermilion HS).

Janotta & Herner Vice President Jason Ott, a 1989 alumnus of EHOVE’s Carpentry program (now known as Construction Tech) presented the winning team with $500 from the company for their quality efforts.


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