Township trustees go forward on new garage project; discuss recycling

The Vermilion Township Trustees held a regular business meeting on Wednesday, April 5. The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Chairman Christopher R. Decker. Present were: Decker, trustee; Charles T. Trinter, trustee; Ronald L. Dickel, trustee; Brenda J. Zsebik, fiscal officer; Robert Kurtz, building official/zoning administrator; Frank R. Triana, Vermilion Township fire chief; and Tina L. Karres, township secretary. The following are briefs from the township minutes:

Erie County Solid Waste Management: From the audience, Lisa Beursken, coordinator, Erie County Solid Waste Management District was in attendance and discussed the following: Direct mailers, “Erie County Recycling Annual Newsletter” were sent out to all Erie County residents; Ms. Beursken announced the department now has Facebook, Twitter and You Tube accounts; All Erie County residents are welcome to visit their newly updated web site at

She said Earth Day is Sunday, April 30, from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Osborn MetroPark on Perkins Avenue,anda Recycle Fashion Show on Friday, April 21 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at 1058 Cleveland Rd. West, Sandusky, Ohio. Tickets are $30.00 and can be purchased at or visit Recycled Runway 2017 on Facebook.

There were no bids received regarding curbside trash pick-up/recycling. Republic Services and Cyclone Services are the only two haulers in the area currently. Republic has ninety percent of the market. If Republic fees get too high, Ms. Beursken stated, the county has the ability to step in. Vermilion Township has the ability to eliminate the drop-off recycling location on Stanley Road if they feel the need to do so since trash haulers are required to provide curbside trash and recycling services. Ms. Beursken also discussed adding another location to provide the same services as their current landfill which she stated will be discussed further at their policy meeting scheduled for April 19.

From the audience, picking up debris and trash throughout the township was another topic of discussion. Steve Young, road foreman, voiced a concern regarding how Republic lifts up trash during their pick-up and the garbage frequently blows off the lifting device of the truck causing garbage and debris to be left throughout the township. Ms. Beursken will take this problem to her April 19th committee meeting. The board agreed to wait to make a decision regarding the recycling center until after this issue has been discussed at the Erie County Solid Waste policy meeting.

Road foreman requests/recycle bins: Foreman Young asked the board if they would consider replacing the John Deere mower with a Cub Cadet mower. The mower is not in stock and would have to be ordered which would take approximately seven to fourteen days. Mr. Young requested that the road crew to have the opportunity to meet with the board on a monthly basis, as needed, to update theboard and communicate any needs, projects, or issues that may arise throughout the Road Department. The Board agreed that would be a good idea.

Mr. Young also mentioned he does not want to see the progress of the new building delayed due decisions being made regarding the recycle bins since the old building is in such bad condition. He stated his recommendation is to get rid of the recycle bins due to all the abuse that has been occurring. The trustees understand and agree the problems have greatly increased at the recycle center since Florence Township and Berlin Township closed their recycle centers. The recycle center is attracting non-residents who are taking advantage of something meant for Vermilion Township residents and residents are also dumping garbage and other non-recyclables creating a mess to clean up.

Mr. Young also updated the board on the status of the new computer and asked about the repair of the back hoe. Trustees voted to replace the backhoe quick coupler, and another motion carried to authorize the purchase of a 2017 Cub Cadet PRO Z 560S from Wellington Implement, Inc. for $8,670.

Audience participation: Resident Dan Rico was in attendance regarding his prior complaint of garbage in front of the Dollar General store. Mr. Rico thanked all the trustees and Mr. Bob Kurtz, building official/zoning administrator for getting all the garbage cleaned up.

Resident Chris Ksenich inquired about there being no bids for the curbside trash pick-up/recycling and the possibility of the county putting another recycling center in with automatic compactors. He also asked what was going on with the electric on State Route 60 right before Darrow Rd. Mr. Kurtz responded that it was county water and they put a pressure reducing valve on the water main and the valve is electronic so they had to have the electric come out. Also, discussed was the condition of part of the road on Darrow Rd. right before Thompson Rd. Trustee Dickel explained there was a water line break that was repaired in that spot where the road was dug up. They haven’t patched the road yet.

Building official/zoning administrator’s report: Building Official/Zoning Administrator Kurtz reported for March the Zoning Department issued 5 zoning permits ($350.40) and 1 lot split ($25.00) with a total fee collection of $375.40. The Building Department issued 18 permits with a total fee collection of $1,700.00 and total valuation of work being done at $126,500.00.

The LED lights in the fire department bays have been installed and Kurtz recommended the board take a look at them. They are much brighter than the previous lights. Mr. Kurtz is awaiting the quotes for the exterior lights and will bring them to the next regular meeting. The switches in the two bathrooms will also be replaced with motion activated switches that automatically shut off. He reported that Risden Road was closed on Monday, April 10, 2017 and Monday April 17 on the north tracks while the railroad installs a new switch.

Fire chief’s update: Chief F. Triana reported fire runs between 3/15/17 – 3/31/17.There were EMS Assist – 10; MVC – 3; Uncontrolled Burn – 1; Good Intent (Vehicle Fire) – 1; YTD: 101 Runs.

The jaws of life are being sent back to Finley Fire Equipment. Upon receiving the tools and new O-rings for the hi-pressure hose, Finley Fire will come out and flush the hoses, replace the O-rings and reinstall the units.

On April 22, there will be a water shuttle training hosted by the Huron Fire Division. Starting April 22 and April 23, Vermilion Fire will be hosting VFIS driver training class at Vermilion High School. Lt. Mike Willard is scheduled to attend and will be certified as a driver trainer after the class. The chief originally had two firefighters assigned to go; however, since the training was moved up one week by VFIS due to a conflict, it also created one at the station. The chief is searching for another firefighter to attend both days of training with Lt. Willard.

March fire reports are completed and have been submitted to the State. The chief would like to complete the sale of 800 to Elyria Township if the board of trustees have no objections. While they wait for the new vehicle to arrive, the chief stated they can respond in either the Brush truck or on an engine. The board agreed there would be no problem with completing the sale of 800 to Elyria Township.

Old business/Wine Street light/new township garage: Mr. Kurtz reported on the street light at Wine Street and State Route 60. Ohio Edison sends a request to their engineering office who determines what the cost will be to install a street light. The cost to have a street light installed at that intersection is $1,229.00 with an average monthly operating fee of $6.00. They also discussed LED lighting which was not recommended at this time due to a higher cost to install and operate LED lighting because of their current tariffs. Trustee Dickel noted that from the beginning of the project it was in the contract that if a light was needed, it was supposed to be installed by the developer. All trustees agreed it is very dark when turning onto Wine Street and have therefore, determined it to be a safety concern for the public.

Mr. Kurtz discussed the recycle bins in regard to the new township garage and feels it would be easier and more cost effective to hire an architect and go out to bid versus design/build. Mr. Kurtz would like the trustees to consider moving forward with the project. Mr. Kurtz stated it will take a month to six weeks for drawings and meetings. The trustees passed a motion to install a street light for safety concerns on the corner of Wine and State Route 60 a ta cost of $1,229. Another motion carried authorizing to move forward with the Township Garage project and hire Dan Frederick, Architect LLC. located in Milan, Ohio to help with the design and draw up plans for the new building at a cost of $9,500.00.

It was brought up for discussion whether to trade in the old John Deere mower or advertise and sell to the highest offer. This will be tabled for further investigation.

New Business/Brownhelm borrowing request: Chief Triana stated ABCO was at the township two weeks ago and checked all fire extinguishers at station and the township garage. The chief received bill which will be taken 75% out of fire budget and 25% out of township budget.
There was a motion which carried indicating a hearing will not be required by the board regarding the new liquor license from Above & Beyond Salon LLC. 14006 W. Lake Road, Vermilion Twp., Vermilion, Ohio 44089.

Trustee Dickel inquired about how many bins to order for Spring Clean-up. The board agreed to order five (5) bins to start.
Trustee Dickel was contacted by a Brownhelm Township trustee asking if they could borrow the township’s crack sealer and asked if the road crew could help them out with flagging. The board agreed to let Brownhelm Township borrow the crack sealer and have the road crew help them with flagging. The board discussed selling them crack seal material if needed since they weren’t going to need a large quantity.


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  1. “If Republic fees get too high, Ms. Beursken stated, the county has the ability to step in”. Does this mean that the township will address Republic Services increase of $22/per quarter we just received on our bills in November? Just called to cancel my service. Their fees are getting ridiculous at over $400/year for a residential can.

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