Softball team eliminates competition

Vermilion Lady Sailors traveled to Perkins  on Friday, April 14, and came home earning an 11-5 victory. Perkins led 3-2 after the first inning, but the Sailors scored runs in the next four innings for the win. Maggie Hoffman & Becca Oates combined for the win on the mound. Leading hitters for the Sailors were Calli Brown, Maria Keller, and Erica Eschenauer.

The Sailors continued their winning streak on Monday, April 17, beating the Huron Tigers 16-2 in five innings. They scored seven runs in both the second and third innings. Maggie Hoffman and Tori Sooy combined for the win on the mound. Offensively, the Sailors were led by Kennedy Shreve, Erika Eschenauer, Maggie Hoffman, Destiny Grim, and Becca Oates.


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