Question of the Week???

  1. One resident asked what was happening with the dog park they had heard was going to be in Vermilion.
  2. There were a group of residents interested in opening a dog park on the land next to the community swimming pool. The estimated cost for the fencing alone was going to be $25,000 – $30,000. They applied for a grant to cover the cost of the fencing, but did not receive it. The Vermilion Parks and Recreation Board had several concerns including upkeep, security, and rules that also needed to be addressed. With the high expense and unexpected concerns, the project did not move forward.

The Photojournal invites readers to send their questions on any topic concerning the Greater Vermilion Area. The staff will attempt to find the correct information and share the answers. Questions can be e-mailed to or submitted through the Photojournal Facebook page Calls are welcome at the office 967-5268. Question of the Week names will not be published.


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