Marijuana growing operation found in home

By: Melanie Williamson

After an investigated that lasted several weeks, the Erie County Sheriff’s Department with assistance from the Vermilion Police Department acted on a search warrant for a home on the 6700 block of Joppa Road in Vermilion Township on Tuesday, March 28.

In the basement of the home, they found 68 marijuana plants along with large lamps and electric amps used to power them. According to detective Justin Smith from the Sheriff’s Department, there were four adults living in the home and it is unclear if all four were involved in the growing operation.

Smith went on to explain that charges have not yet been filed because they need to dry out the plants and weigh them to determine what the charges will be. However, he suspects the charges will include cultivation, possession, and possibly trafficking. The process of drying and weighing the plants will take several weeks and is conducted by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal investigation.


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