Brownhelm Trustees discuss possible road projects, ongoing complaints

From the unapproved minutes of the Brownhelm Township Board of Trustees regular meeting held on Monday, April 3.

Zoning updates: Zoning Inspector John Schmalz had no permits to submit.  He submitted an annual summary submitted by Thomas Horseman, Commercial Inspector.  Schmalz reported he sent a request to Lorain County MetroParks about getting permits for the construction at the soccer fields west of Mill Hollow. HE sent notices to the prosecutor’s office to take action against the Tassone’s on Greystone Drive and the Diaz’s on Middle Ridge Road for unpermitted structures and also to take action against Lorain County Auto LLC for unpermitted signage.

Basketball hoops: Trustee Nieding complained about residents in Greystone having portable basketball hoops in the cul-de-sacs.  Trustee Northeim told him that two months ago when he brought this up that he was to check with the prosecutor.

Labor superintendent update: Scott Schmalz reported that the township has fulfilled our salt contract for this season and the salt shed is full.  The Dean Road project with Florence may go over the $6000 voted limit by less than $200; this will be dealt with once the project is completed. There are still issues with the 2016 International Dump Truck; it has been in the dealership several times; Schmalz stated he will keep the trustees updated on this issue.  First Energy has cleaned up their property on Cooper Foster Park Rd where illegal dumping has occurred; they are putting up a new fence and gate.  Schmalz reported that be  attended an ODOT grant session about signage; he will be working on this grant application which is due June 9.  Trustee Northeim asked about the old salt shed and Schmalz replied that they would have it down during the next dumpsters days, which are May 5 and May 6.

Lorain County Sherriff’s Department: Deputy Damian Rodriguez introduced himself as the new Community Impact Officer.  He briefly reported on the few township incidents and noted that they are very understaffed.  He cautioned residents to be aware of scams that are going around the area.

Resident concerns: Thomas Palmer, Cooper Foster Park Road, voiced his concerns with the on-going shooting at the Zero9Holsters facility on Cooper Foster Park Road, east of Baumhart Rd.  Trustee Northeim and Zoning Inspector Schmalz explained that the facility is located in the township’s only commercial/industrial area.  The company applied for and received a conditional use permit from the Zoning Board of Appeals and they are operating within their permit.  The Trustees have no legal authority to intervene with the Zoning Board of Appeals.  Trustee Northeim has corresponded with the owner of the facility and this person has been very cooperative.

 Brownhelm Historical Association: Marilyn Brill shared that the City of Vermilion has approved the BHA putting up an additional sign at the front of the township property.  She showed a few sign designs.  The Trustees suggested that the bell be removed and the BHA add a sign below the exiting township sign.

           Joint road projects: Trustee Northeim and Fiscal Officer Marsha Funk met with the mayor and the service director for the City of Vermilion to discuss potential joint road projects.  The Township did get approval from the City to tar and chip Cooper Foster Park from Baumhart west to Claus.  The Lorain County Engineer estimated Sunnyside from Route 2 north to the tracks would be around $420,000, but cautioned that this project should only be done after there are drainage updates.

The Lorain County Engineer estimated a full depth reclamation of Jerusalem from Sunnyside east to Claus would be approximately $175,000.  There was a consensus at this meeting that the Township could submit this project for OPWC funding with the City contributing 15% and Township working with grant funding, loan, and contribution for the remaining 85%.  A motion to support submitting the Jerusalem Road project for OPWC funding was presented and carried.

            Discharging of firearms: Trustee Leimbach attended a community meeting in Columbia Township to address some shooting issues that Columbia is having.  Leimbach would like to have a similar meeting in the western part of the county so residents are aware of the laws for the discharging of firearms in the unincorporated areas.


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